About us

Our architectural and design studio was founded in 2006 based on our experience in this area spanning the previous 15 years, which is since 1991.

We currently produce volume and layout building designs and visualizations, in addition we deal with area plans, building permit processing and building construction designs. At the moment our studio has staff of two architects and seven civil engineers. We also cooperate externally with a landscape designer and several specialists for fire safety, energy performance certificates, budgeting, communication and so on. We are therefore well prepared to make all our projects an ideal combination of aesthetic and economic criteria also with regards to their maximum energy efficiency.

The company headquarters is in Prague in Kuneticka street and it is mainly the centre of our business activities. Our second office, the creative centre, is in Havlickuv Brod, a town located right in the middle of the Czech Republic. This company structure enables us to work for our clients in Prague as well as in the rest of the Czech Republic while keeping our overheads low and our prices competitive.

The director and the main creative force is Michal Zacek, who brings into our design work a lot of progressive ideas. He also deals with our clients during the life cycle of their projects and produces project visualizations. Especially the last activity helps our clients to choose the option ideally suited to their needs.

Together with Michal work two young architects who bring into our company’s work plenty of new, fresh ideas.

The head of building design department and a representative of the firm is Josef Zacek. His task is mainly to lead the technical part of building design process, check the quality of the actual construction work and coordinate all professionals who participate in different projects. As a civil engineer he also performs design and technical supervision during the process of construction. Seven other civil engineers, who are specialist in statics, building methods, piping and wiring etc, cooperate on preparation for administration of projects and construction of buildings.

Our studio works with top level computer equipment. Our CAD programs are regularly updated and offer our designers cutting edge tools for their projects. Therefore we can work with new graphics software which is a great advantage for our clients.